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About Rural Advocacy Network  

Rural Advocacy Network (RAN) is a non-profit organisation advocating for the rights of Farmers and Rural Communities.

Cattle at Sunrise

The Rural Advocacy Network is a non-profit organisation focused on advocating for farmers and rural communities. RAN was started in 2017 by a group of North Canterbury farmers who felt our farming voice lacked unity, strength and effectiveness. Too many people were fighting individual battles against unfair regulations and over zealous compliance. Our aims were to provide support for farmers and an effective rural voice for transparency, accountability and fair and proper process.

As stewards of the land, we believe farmers are in a great position to enhance the health of our physical and social environments. We want to see regulatory approaches that work collaboratively with the people who have their hands in soil, to achieve the best outcomes for New Zealand for generations to come.

As a group we aim to: 

  • Support farmers who are having trouble navigating the regulatory environment and are being treated unfairly by regulatory organisations and officials.

  • Hold regulators and other relevant organisations to account.

  • Amplify the voices of farmers and rural communities.

  • Listen to the concerns of farmers and rural people and find strategies to help our communities thrive.

Support Our Mission here.

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